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The vast majority of Canadian forests are publicly owned and must be managed as a long-term investment. Because of their specific biological composition, hardwood trees are harvested using a gradual or selective cutting (shelter wood) system, where only a certain portion of any stand is cut in a given year. This ensures quality trees are left to provide seed and shade necessary for proper regeneration.

CHPVA members are committed to the integration of the science of sustainable harvest and production with the conservation of the soil, air and water quality that preserves wildlife and fish habitat and promotes healthy forests.

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As the spokes body for the hardwood plywood and veneer producers in Canada, the CHPVA promotes the industry’s interests before federal and provincial authorities. It keeps its members informed through its web site and regular newsletters.


The association further provides training on the products of its members to downstream users such as architects, designers, specifiers, furniture and cabinet manufacturers.

Through its bi-annual meetings, the association provides a unique networking and educational experience for participants with guest speakers and panels on various topics.


In order to maintain the highest standards of product quality and customer service, the Association members adhere to the internationally recognized American National Standard Institute for Hardwood and Decorative Plywood ANSI/HPVA HP-1-2016.

This standard establishes marketing classifications, quality criteria, test methods, grading rules, definitions and product markings and designation practices for hardwood plywood panels.

The standard also provides producers, distributors, architects, contractors, builders and users with a common basis for understanding the characteristics of these products.


In addition to conforming to the ANSI standard, CHPVA members can manufacture to proprietary grades to meet individual customer specifications.