Veneer is a thin layer of wood of uniform thickness produced by peeling or slicing carefully selected logs. The appearance of the wood pattern will differ from the various methods available to slice the wood through the growth rings of the tree.


  • Ecological

    Wood veneer is a natural product made from a renewable resource.

  • Strong

    When wood veneer is properly assembled on a substrate, it actually increases the strength of the product.

  • Stable

    When properly conditioned, veneer is more stable than lumber to the stresses of temperature and moisture extremes.

  • Economical

    Since the wood is sliced in thin layers of wood, a lot more surface is generated for the same tree than lumber. Less waste!

  • Unique

    Since each sheet of veneer is an original, no two sheets are exactly alike.

  • Versatile

    Easy to work with, pliable for curved surfaces, it is practical for DIY projects.

  • Durable

    Less prone to problems like warping, splitting or seasonal movement.

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